Ranger Team

Ranger Challenge

The Best Irish Ranger Challenge is an Army ROTC event that allows cadets to display their physical capabilities and military skills in a competitive environment. The Ranger Team trains all year long, beginning with a weekly physical fitness and training routine. Whether it is an insane ab workout, 6 mile team ruck runs, or crazy upper body workouts, maintaining good physical fitness standards are a key component to a successful Ranger Team. Military skills that the team will train for include weapon assembly and disassembly, first aid, one rope bridge, and several others. Overall, the Ranger Team is a fun, casual club where many will form some of the best friendships they will have in college.  Cadets compete in regional Ranger Challenge Competitions which include a grueling long-distance ruck march and events where Cadets must navigate to various additional locations that test their soldiering skills. Scoring is based on time as well as proficiency in each event. Previous events have included Distance Litter Carries, administering first aid, constructing a one rope suspension bridge, orienteering, reconnaissance of enemy positions, an obstacle course, and a modified physical fitness test.