Recruiting Operations Officer

Christopher Pratt

Christopher D. Pratt

Contact:  cpratt2@nd.edu
(574) 631-4656

The Fighting Irish Battalion

Whether you’re at the University of Notre Dame, Bethel University, Holy Cross College, IU South Bend, or Saint Mary’s College, the FightingIrish Battalion is consistently in the top 5% of ROTC programs nationwide and recognized for producing some of the Army’s best Officers.

Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps is a college course focused on leadership training. ROTC has produced more than 500,000 Lieutenants, nearly 75% of all Army officers. The program transforms college men and women into Army officers: the most prestigious professionals who serve as leaders of one of the most respected institutions in America.

In the Basic Course, you can try Army ROTC for up to 2 years with no obligation. ROTC focuses on leadership development and includes adventure training and military skills – you’ll combine classroom time with hands on experience, learning skills that will give you an edge over your peers when it comes time to look for a job. If you decide to continue in the Advanced Course, you will be agreeing to serve your country after graduation. You can choose to be an Army Officer on
full-time active duty or to serve part time in the National Guard or Army Reserve while pursuing your civilian career.

Army ROTC enhances your college degree. You will gain the confidence and discipline to succeed in your classes. You will acquire leadership and management skills from our people-oriented organization. These skills will not only benefit you during college, but they will also prepare you for a lifetime of success. You will also gain opportunities to use your abilities and talents to serve others and your country. The Fightin’ Irish Battalion will push you to be the kind of compassionate warrior-leader the world needs.