High School National Scholarships

National Scholarship

National Scholarship boards are extremely competitive, and applications should be initiated by the beginning of your senior year. The Army is looking for the Scholar, Athlete, Leader (i.e. well-rounded student).

Apply for a National Scholarship

Scholarship Process:

  • Open an online application, the portal opens in the middle of June (between junior and senior year of high school). You have until February of your senior year to start an application and the document/file completion deadline is  March.  
  • Boards meet in October, January, and March.
  • Submit HS Transcripts, SAT/ACT, do an interview and physical fitness assessment
  • Minimum High School GPA 2.5 to apply
  • DODMERB Medical Review Process begins if/when selected for a scholarship.

Scholarship Benefits:

  • Full Tuition & Fees OR Room and Board (not both)
  • $420 Monthly Stipend during the school year.
  • $1200 per year for Books
  • Free Army Uniforms & Training Equipment

Service Obligation:

Upon graduation/commissioning, serve fulltime on Active Duty (for a minimum of four years) or part-time in the National Guard or US Army Reserves  (one weekend per month for Drill Weekends, plus two weeks per year for Annual Training for a minimum of eight years).

Keep in Mind:

If you don’t receive a scholarship on the National Army ROTC Scholarship Board you can still compete for 3.5, 3, 2.5 or 2 year Army ROTC scholarships while in college!