Cadet Life

Members of the ranger challenge team pose with the Leprechaun mascot on the field at a football game
Ranger Challenge team recognized on the football field

Cadets in the Fighting Irish Battalion come from all across the country with the goal to graduate as commissioned officers in the Army upon graduation.  During school, they pursue a wide range of majors and participate in numerous extra-curricular activities.  In the program, we have members of varsity, club, and intramural sports along with academic and special interest clubs.  Members of the Fighting Irish Battalion are academically focused, physically fit, goal-oriented and dedicated to future service to the nation and others.  During their senior year, Cadets receive their branch of service identifying their military specialty.  

Cadet life is geared towards preparing future leads to represent themselves and the nation with honor, while simultaneously allowing them to enjoy their time as college students.  

  • “Joining ROTC has pushed me to grow as a person, both physically and mentally. The culture of our program fosters a teamwork attitude, focused on holding each other accountable and growing to become the best versions of ourselves.”

    — Sadie Stinson, Notre Dame ‘25, Political Science
  • “Army ROTC has enabled me to forge life-long relationships while teaching me the incredible skills necessary to be the best leader I can be in my military career and beyond”

    — Matthew Stewart, Notre Dame ‘25, College of Engineering
  • “The culture of the Fighting Irish Battalion is seriously special. I am grateful every day for my battle buddies who constantly support me, look out for me, and challenge me to the best I can be in all aspects of my life.”

    — Meghan Sharkey, Notre Dame ‘26, Biological Sciences

Cadets playing in the annual Tri Mil Flag Football Championship
Five Army ROTC Cadets in orange row boat on Notre Dame campus lake on a sunny day.
Cadets conducting training on Zodiac boats on the campus lake, Saint Mary's