Summer Training

Cadets complete a variety of training experiences as they develop and progress on their paths towards commissioning as Second Lieutenants in the U.S. Army.   All Cadets will complete ROTC Advanced Camp as a pre-commissioning requirement.  In addition to Advanced Camp, Cadets have a wide range of optional training experiences to expand their military skills knowledge and grow as leaders.

Cadet Troop Leadership Training (CTLT)

Airborne School

CTLT provides Cadets the opportunity to experience leadership in Active Duty Army units over a three to four week period. Cadets serve in platoon leader positions or other positions where a second lieutenant is normally assigned. Platoon Leader positions have a 3-4 week duration depending on the hosting unit and location. Assignments include units that are located at both stateside and overseas military bases. Cadets are assigned a unit mentor, and are provided on-post lodging and meals.  

Cadet Advanced Individual Training (CAIT) 

Keenher Air Assault

Cadets are afforded opportunities to participate in a wide range of challenging training experiences including Airborne and Air Assault schools.  Cadet Practical Field Training is available to all Cadets and will challenge them mentally, physically, and test their resiliency as they jump from airplanes, climb and descend rugged mountains or swim through the Caribbean Gulf at night.  These schools represent the some of most advanced training afforded to Soldiers worldwide and are highly selective for attendance.