New Cadet Orientation

New Cadet OrientationCadets work to complete Land Navigation.

New Cadet Orientation (NCO) is a comprehensive four day training event focused on preparing new students for success in ROTC. NCO is usually held at Fort Custer, just outside of Battle Creek, Michigan, and occurs the week before the school year begins. At NCO, new Cadets are introduced to Land Navigation, Drill and Ceremony, Leadership, Squad Movement and Tactics, and Army Team Building. New Cadets are introduced to Basic Rifle Marksmanship, where they will learn how to operate and maintain an M-16 rifle. This culminates with the new Cadets qualifying on an Army Rifle Range. The Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) is administered for scholarship contracting. All Cadets participate in the following events:

  • The Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT)
  • The Leader Reaction Course
  • Confidence Obstacle Course
  • Sports PT
  • Land Navigation
  • Basic Rifle Marksmanship

New Cadet Orientation Leaders Reaction CourseCadets working together to succeed as the complete challenging cognitive and physical obstacles.

If you wish to participate in New Cadet Orientation, please fill out the Enrollment Forms (Numbers 1-7) and e-mail Mr. Chris Pratt.