As a college student, it is easy to feel like Atlas of Greek mythology, struggling under the crushing weight of the world on your shoulders.  A productive way to combat this stress and put one’s problems in perspective is found in ATLAS.  ATLAS gives cadets a chance to leave their campus world and get out into the community to interact with the people of South Bend.  This is a valuable experience for cadets because service to others is an integral component of any social institution including the military.  As a matter of fact, selfless service is one of the seven Army Values.  As one former cadet explained, “Military service is not just confined to on-duty time in uniform. Rather, it is an outlook which pervades everyday life through an obligation to better the world by aiding other human beings.”  It is important to remember that part of a Soldier’s duty is to assist those around him, and it is important to integrate that spirit of service into our everyday lives.