The Unit Patch

God, Country, Notre Dame

Then Professor of Military Science LTC Kelly Jordan was the driving force behind our 2007 redesign of the Fighting Irish Battalion's unit patch. There are three distinct areas in the background of the patch representing the motto of the Fighting Irish Battalion, "God, Country, Notre Dame". The colors represent the schools of the battalion. The gold at the top represents the Golden Dome of Notre Dame, the host school of the program as well as Valparaiso University. The left blue field represents Saint Mary's College and Bethel College. The red on the right represents both Holy Cross College as well as the Indiana University of South Bend. The green shamrock has been a long standing and easily recognizable representation of the battalion. We wear this patch to remember, always "Keep Up the Fight" both as cadets and future officers in the US Army.

Shamrock Distinguished Unit Insignia

Distinctive Institutional Shoulder Loop Insignia

A kelly green shamrock one inch in height with a 1/32 inch gold edge.


The shamrock is a clover like plant with leaflets in a groups of three.  It is accepted as the national emblem of Ireland from its legendary use by St. Patrick to typify the Trinity. 
The shamrock was an integral part of the original green and gold flag presented by the citizens of New York to the 63rd New York State Volunteers, Irish Brigade, a Civil War unit.  This flag, showing a wreath of shamrocks two feet long beneath a harp and cloud is in the Museum at the University of Notre Dame and is nearly identical to the 69th New York State Volunteers flag pictured here.  Both the 63rd and 69th Regiments formed part of the Irish Brigade.  Even today, the New York Army National Guard has unit's whose heritage dates back to the Irish Brigade when the war cry "vaugh a ballaugh" meaning "clear the way" was heard on some of history's most famous battlefields.  Notre Dame Army ROTC is proud to carry on that lineage.  

Irish Brigade Flag


The shamrock is an insignia worn by all Army ROTC personnel at the University of Notre Dame.  The shamrock was authorized for wear by the Institute of Heraldry, Department of the Army (July, 1968) Washington, D.C.