Cadre & Staff

The University of Notre Dame Army ROTC program has a staff with a wide range of experience who guide and mentor the Cadets as they progress through their four-year journey to commissioning.  The officers and non-commissioned officers are traditionally assigned for 2-3 year periods.  All officers have at least one post-graduate degree as a pre-requisite for assignment.  Currently, the faculty and staff represents the Special Forces, Infantry, Logistic, Armor, Military Police, and Military Intelligence.branches of the U.S. Army.     

  1. Headshot of LTC William Kobbe with grey background

    LTC William Kobbe

    Professor, Army Science

  2. Headshot of MSG Jason Guthrie with Notre Dame flag and American flag in background

    MSG Jason Guthrie

    Senior Military Instructor, Army Science

  3. Travis B Taylor

    MAJ Travis Taylor

    Assistant Professor, Army Science

  4. Headshot of Mr. Christopher Pratt with a light grey background

    Christopher Pratt

    Recruiting Operations Officer

  5. Headshot of Ms. Connie Pearson with American flag and Fighting Irish flag in background

    Connie Pearson

    ROTC Staff, Army Science

  6. Headshot of Mr. Joe Jeffo with American flag and Fighting Irish flag in background

    Joseph Jeffo

    ROTC Staff, Army Science

  7. Headshot of Staff Assistant Kaylee Chapin with a grey background

    Kaylee Chapin

    Staff Assistant, Army Science

  8. Captain Christian Henderson Headshot in uniform with gray background

    CPT Christian Henderson

    Assistant Professor, Army Science