New Cadet Orientation 2017

Author: CPT Vonderheide

The timing for New Cadet Orientation 2017 is set!  From 13-17 August, 2017, the Fighting Irish Battalion will conduct New Cadet Orientation.  This is a great opportunity to experience the type of training you will conduct throughout your four-year journey to becoming a commissioned officer.  Students wishing to participate in Army ROTC are expected to attend.  New Cadet Orientation is led by rising seniors with the juniors serving as instructors in a Non-commissioned Officer capacity.  The event will test individuals physically and mentally while providing an opportunity to meet returning and new members of the organization.  On 17 August, the Cadet Oath is recited in front of the Reflecting Pool upon successful conclusion of the training.  Families are invited the Cadet Oath ceremony and a cook-out immediately after.