Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Brian DeToy

Ltc R Brian Detoy

Lieutenant Colonel Brian DeToy. ND ’85 with a BA in History, is a recently retired Academy Professor and Director of the Defense & Strategic Studies program at the United States Military Academy, West Point. His immediate previous assignments were in the Academy’s History Department, Chief of Research and Publications in the Combat Studies Institute at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, and Professor of Military Science at the University of Kansas. DeToy commissioned Infantry and served as a lieutenant in the 7th ID(L)’s 3rd Battalion, 27th Infantry, as a captain in the 1st Battalion, 4th Infantry at the CMTC, and as a major in the 25th ID(L)’s 1st Battalion, 5th Infantry. He deployed on multiple operations in Central America and the Middle East. DeToy received MA and PhD degrees in History from Florida State University. He has taught at the United States Military Academy, the University of Kansas and for the University of Maryland’s University Campus. He has presented papers, and chaired and commented sessions at numerous conferences both in the United States and Europe. He has also appeared on numerous television programs on A&E, Discovery, PBS, History Channel and others, on topics of military and social history. He wrote a chapter, “Commanders-in-Chief: Wellington and Berkeley, 1809-12” in the University of Southampton’s Wellington Studies II (1998), the Oxford New DNB article on “George Berkeley” (2004), and wrote the introduction for Barnes & Noble’s December 2005 publication of Napoleon’s Art of War. In September 2004 DeToy organized a conference held at Fort Leavenworth and edited the book produced from it, entitled Turning Victory into Success: Military Operations After the Campaign (2005). In 2009-10 he served as the Command Historian for the main warfighting headquarters in Iraq, Multi-National Corps – Iraq. In his post-military career, DeToy and his wife, Sheryl, have built “Essential History Expeditions” and led numerous groups to visit battlefields and tour historic cities, including Gettysburg, the beaches of Normandy, the battle of the Bulge and Cuba among so many others. In addition, DeToy has numerous writing projects – travel, fiction and non-fiction.