Mrs. Linder

Judy Linder Final 2019

Administrative Assistant

Assigned: August 2015
Hometown: Lebanon, KY
Background: Mrs. Judy Linder graduated from Kendall College of Art and Design, a department of Ferris State University, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, majoring in Graphic Design and Advertising. 
Prior Background: Mrs. Linder has worked in the graphic arts and printing industries for the majority of her career.  At Notre Dame she has worked in the Sociology and Accounts Payable departments. 
Current Role: In her current positon she acts as the continuity between the Military Science, Army ROTC Department, and the University of Notre Dame, assisting Cadets, Faculty and Staff in the following areas:

-    Preparing class scheduling for Military Science Courses following the Registrar's Office requirements.
-    Reserving space for classes, guest speakers, and special events such as the Veterans Day Celebration.
-    Assisting students with e-forms and department approval overrides for classes. 
   Schedules appointment times for Cadet Counseling and PMS Interviews. 
   Provides students with miscellaneous supplies, tasks, and printed materials. 
   Supervises and organizes the photography for the senior class photos and finalizes the design and layout for the graduate wall. 


Contact Information:
University of Notre Dame
Military Science Department
216 Pasquerilla Center
Notre Dame, IN 46556
Main Office Phone: 574-631-6987